@smorty71, @tlosbo and @earwood playing rock bandLast Thursday, several of us organized a sendoff party of one of my good local “web friends”, Shawn Morton (aka Smorty71). He is moving his family to Columbus, Ohio and today he starts his new job with Nationwide Insurance to head up their social media efforts. While his job sounds great, many of us will miss him, his humor and his conversations.

Shawn and I met at Ben ThomasGeek Dinner and we’ve been good friends since. Our immediate connection was technology (mostly web) and laughter (mostly at each other). However, during our trip down to PodCamp Nashville in February with Aaron Marshall we discovered we had much more in common. Here’s a few examples:

  • Children – He has has 42 kids… I have a nephew.
  • Hair – He shaves his head… I shave my face.
  • Furniture – He blows lots of money buying it (IKEA)… I lost a lot of money in a furniture business.
  • Macs – He hates them… I get frustrated with mine.
  • Video – He uses his film degree to work in business… I use my business degree to make videos.
  • Music – He secretly wishes he could play backup for Keith Sweat… I own every Keith Sweat album.
  • Sports – He enjoys playing fantasy football… I enjoy winning at fantasy football (we’re in the same league this year).

Our college experiences were also very similar (despite him joining an inferior fraternity) and others accuse us both (possibly with some merit) for talking a lot. Either way, I know I’ll miss Smorty71, as will others. Hopefully Amy packed his lunch and he’ll make new friends at his new job. If not, we’ll throw a welcome back party for him! See the pictures here and the video below from the sendoff party.

Top 10 Reasons Shawn Morton is moving to Columbus

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