Most of the time we encounter organizations trying to be professional and quite frankly that can come off as stuffy and impersonal. While some folks don’t seem to know the difference between individuality and acting, looking or speaking as a responsible employee, I think there is HUGE opportunity in a company showing some personality.

So, I’m going to try to start a new trend on my blog by highlighting when I see businesses having fun each Friday.

A recent stop by Taco Bell (yes, it was late) gave me the idea. When you get taco sauce (any of their three flavors), you’ll be reminded me how they like to have fun with their customers. (Flickr photo credit: Rebecca_Ro)

Taco Bell (as most companies) for years didn’t look for opportunities to have fun (see example at right), but I appreciate good humor and it’s refreshing to see. Where else could or does Taco Bell show its personality? What do these packets say to you about their brand, products or employees?

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