bad-powerpointNext Wednesday, August 26th I’m speaking to Greater Louisville Inc’s Small Business Breakfast Club about Using Technology to Fuel Your Business – Don’t Do More with Less, Do Less with More! Here’s the official blurb…

Guest speaker Todd Earwood, President, Member Minded, will deliver an interactive presentation on using technology to get optimal results. Using first hand knowledge, Todd will present insights on how technology can help manage information and save valuable time and money for your organization.

Now, that is the official stuff, but let me give you the Top Six Reasons You Should Attend.

  1. I will NOT waste your time – My powerpoints do NOT suck. I spend an immense amount of time preparing and this specific one will likely be the most entertaining and interactive session you’ll attend this year. I know you’re thinking technology can’t be that fun, but I promise the time we spend covering it will be.
  2. Get in FREE – If you work or sit on the board of for an association, please be my personal guest as I’ll gladly cover your admission. Contact me and I’ll make sure you get in free. My company, Member Minded specializes in helping membership based organizations, so I’d love to meet you and maybe you’ll see a glimpse of how we run our company. Your acceptance of the free admission does not obligate you to anything other than an outstanding event with a presentation I hope will entertain and educate. I promise this presentation is NOT a product demo or a sales meeting.
  3. Valuable information – I own a business, I’ve worked in a large corporation and I have a passion for technology. My unique background helps ensure you walk away with something that makes your life easier (NOT harder) or better with technology. Hint: it’s not about gadgets and tech tricks.
  4. Less REALLY is more – I don’t know many folks who have extra time on their hands, so rather than increase your workload, I want to show you proven ways to lessen the burden. You’ll be delightfully surprised on what tools (many are free) that you can start using the same day!
  5. Class act event – GLI hosts some of the best business events I’ve ever attended. They’re always professional, extremely well ran and the networking alone is worth the admission.
  6. Win FREE prizes – I’m giving away over $150 of prizes to those who attend. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the prizes help add something extra to a very interactive session.

I know I’m using some gutsy words like promise and best, but I really am that passionate about business and technology. It’s not because I’m great, it’s because I prepare and I care about your time. If you have any questions, please contact me. I’m happy to chat in advance or afterward.

Finally, great events aren’t possible without great sponsors. So, a big thanks to Presenting Sponsor – Republic Bank, Event Sponsor – PR Store, Breakfast Sponsor – CenterPlate and thanks to Heine Brothers’ Coffee for providing coffee for the 2009 SBBC Series. I hope to see you next week.

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