Most of us spend a majority of our waking hours working because we’re required or we voluntarily choose to labor.  Some even consider their work as part (sometimes too great) of their personal identity.

There’s no question during this economic downturn business can be very serious.  Just recently, I’ve heard work compared to war, a long slog, a roller coaster and a daily grind.  These arduous cliches and somber overtones quite frankly are unnecessary.

It’s my contention work doesn’t have to be so negative.  It CAN be fun and productive.  We add to this pessimistic view by stereotyping job roles such as HR, Legal, IT and Accounting as rigid and yes, sadly some people encourage that view.  However, there are some that refuse to fit that mold despite their discipline.  Which is one reason, I love Christy, the Accounts Payable (AP) person from a client’s company.  Not only do they pay regularly (which is HUGE), but she (an accountant by trade) does her job with flair and humor.  Christy’s entire department was recognized yesterday in a meeting for being a pleasure to work with.  Yes, you read that correctly… an Accounting department is dare I say, FUN!

We each have to make a living, but we have to also live.  Seriousness at work is just overrated and I believe it won’t get you ahead.  Don’t confuse dedication or professionalism with being rigid and hiding your personality at work.  I’ve saved a few of Christy’s emails and pasted them below to remind us all to lighten up at work and enjoy the people.

Quarter til 5:00, with plans to go to the TRC Bash,
Wouldn’t you know, my computer decides to crash!
Void the checks, re-start the process,
Such is the life of an AP goddess!

Three nearly-deaf old men sat on a bench. The first one said “It’s windy” to which the second replied, “No, it’s Thursday” causing the last one to say “Me too, let’s go get a beer”.  If any of you are “Thursday”, come get your check and go get a drink.  Have a great night!

Sorry I fell behind
but want to keep it “above the line”
No excuses, blame or gripe
I’ll just bid you a quick “Good Night”

Waiting on your check . . . well wait no longer! Your ship has come in, your egg has hatched, your gift has arrived . . . your check is now awaiting you on the sunny 5th floor! Now aren’t you glad you worked late!!!!

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