Two of my new friends from my Bay Area Visit are hosting Facebook conferences. I’m getting out of a previous event in hopes I can attend. Noah Kagan is hosting Community Next: Platform and Dave McClure is hosting Graphing Social Patterns two loaded events dedicated to the Facebook plaform.

Both conferences are in early October and happen to fall in five consecutive days. Since I now have some readers from the Valley, please hear my pitch for the five reason to attend five days of Facebook for under $1,000!

Community Next Platform

1- Facebook’s platform is so popular, you might be stuck at the stoner’s lunch table if you don’t attend.
2- Tom from MySpace is attending to learn how to add auto-play music to their upcoming FB app. Please attend
and stop them.
3- If you’re short on Facebook development resources, you can mingle with those that have doing it.
Social graphic 4- For less than $1,000 you hear some big names discuss the platform and learn what this API can do for you.
5- If you have REAL faith in your fb app, show up and pimp it out!

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